Application development

Bespoke apps

Summerchill creates enterprise and consumer apps for mobile devices, but also web applications. We develop for iOS, Android, Windows, and HTML5 platforms, and produce native, web, and hybrid apps.

The product can be anything from a productivity tool, to a social network, or an online booking system.

It can live as a website, be distributed to the world on the Apple Store, or even be deployed internally to your employees.

Intelligent apps


We learn your business. We analyse, we plan. Yes, we do ask a lot of questions.

We work side by side with you to develop a tool that we all can be proud of.

We test the product every step of the way, with a dedicated testing phase before release.

We help you get your app on to the marketplace, and that can integrate our marketing tools and skills to help you reach your target audience.


Trucking app


We were approached by a trucking company to turn their paper runsheets into a private (enterprise) iPad app. Tired of misplaced sheets, illegible writing, inaccurate times, their were losing thousands of dollars monthly. The Digital Runsheet app solved those issues plus many more in one go, thanks to geolocation, break tracking, and a powerful admin system allowing for clients to acces parts of the back-end, like the live map, or their own reports.

Health App


One of our latest apps manages incident reports. Using a local database, it stores incident investigations data and synchronises with a cloud server. The user can take supporting pictures, add multiple witness statements, and answer questions triggering an analysis of the root causes of the issue. A pdf and doc report are generated and can be emailed to the user. This app uses apple's in-app payment system.

Hospital software


One of our partners called us to design the front-end of an Hospital's admissions application. That included plugging on to an API (excuse the French) and designing a beautiful, user-friendly interface with just enough subtle animations and interactions to make the experience enjoyable both on desktops and on tablets. We also developed a pdf generated report including all the relevant data. That's what we love, turning zeros and ones into beautiful apps.


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